Business Unit

Business Services Team

Over its 17-year history, the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF) has developed a suite of programs to support the local research enterprise. 

More recently, the NSHRF created a business unit to provide services to public and private sector organizations on a fee-for-service basis. The Business Unit team has the expertise and experience to deliver REAL (Relevant, Excellent, Accessible and Legitimate) results to its clients.

Take a look at our programs and services to explore how the NSHRF Business Unit might help you or your organization. We’d be happy to have a chat. 

Research Services

  • Research Design 
  • Literature Searching 
  • Knowledge Synthesis 
  • Jurisdictional Reviews 
  • Environmental Scans 
  • Stakeholder Consultations 
  • Annotated Bibliographies 
  • Expert Opinion 
  • Asset Maps 
  • Project Management 

Evaluation Services

  • Evaluation Advice 
  • Evaluability Assessments 
  • Evaluation Framework Design
    • Logic Model
    • Theory of Change 
  • Identification of Indicators, Metrics, Measures 
  • Process, Outcome & Impact Evaluations 

Data Collection & Analysis

  • Consultation with Stakeholders: Planning, Implementation, Data Collation & Analysis of
    • Key Informant Interviews
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups 
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Data Analysis 

Professional Development

  • Development & Delivery of Training on Research, Evaluation, Governance & Other Topics 
  • Workshop Development & Hosting

Grants Management Platform 

The NSHRF has developed a grants management platform (GMP) which provides a web-based solution for: 

  • Application Intake 
  • Tracking 
  • Merit/Peer Review 
  • Monitoring 
  • Reporting 
  • Financial Management 
  • Applicant & Funder Confidentiality 
  • Data Storage 

The GMP can be employed for research grants, community grants, and projects. It eliminates the need for paper-based management and offers an efficient, automated, transparent and secure way to administer funds and track results.


Marli MacNeil, CAE 
Executive Director