Applicant Agreement

When submitting an application to an NSHRF competition all applicants must consent to the following agreement in their Grants Management System (GMS) account. The text below is available for reference purposes only.

In consideration of the review and evaluation of this application by or on behalf of NSHRF, I declare and agree to the following:

  • To the best of my knowledge, all information contained in this application and all information provided in relation to this application is complete, accurate and consistent with host institution policies and NSHRF funding requirements. I further agree to inform NSHRF immediately of any material changes to this information once submitted. I understand that the provision of false or inaccurate application information may result in sanctions, including the termination of funding and disentitlement from eligibility for future funding.
  • I will be wholly responsible for completing, attaching, editing and submitting the required application documents and that it is my responsibility to ensure that all required documents or approvals are completed and submitted by the competition deadline date and/or other deadlines as identified in the program requirements document.
  • I authorize the Canadian Common CV Network (CCVN) to release my Common CV (CCV) to NSHRF, and I give permission to NSHRF to accept this information to support and meet the requirements of this application in accordance with the NSHRF Terms of Use.
  • I confirm that if I am submitting an application on behalf of a group of other co-applicants, that I have permission from each co-applicant to do so and to link their CCVs to this application. To the best of my knowledge, the information about co-applicants contained in the application is complete, accurate and consistent with their host institution's policies and NSHRF funding requirements.
  • I acknowledge that revisions to my CCV, or that of co-applicants, which occur after this application is submitted, will not be included in the application. I further agree to inform NSHRF immediately of any material changes to this information once submitted, including any information which adversely affects the availability of me or any co-applicant to participate in accordance with the application and the conditions of the funding program.
  • I agree that NSHRF is not responsible for any incomplete, ineligible, inaccurate or late applications.
  • I confirm that the co-applicants have reached an agreement that the host institution noted in this application will administer and be accountable for the grant funding on behalf of the group, and that NSHRF will be advised in writing of any requested changes to these arrangements.
  • I have not been barred from applying to any other research funding organization for reasons having to do with breach of standards, ethics, or integrity such as financial or scientific misconduct.
  • I confirm that I have declared all known real and perceived conflicts of interest related to this application and will comply with the ethical and research policies outlined by my host institution and NSHRF.
  • I have reviewed, understand and consent to comply with the following:
  • I agree to contribute to the monitoring and review of NSHRF's programs, policies and processes by participating in applicant evaluations when requested.

By selecting "I ACCEPT" below and submitting my application, I agree that I am in full acceptance of the aforementioned terms and conditions, and that this electronic acceptance is equivalent to my handwritten signature.