Institution Agreement

When submitting an application to an NSHRF competition, all institutions administering funding must consent to the following agreement in their Grants Management System (GMS) institution account:

In consideration of the review and assessment of this application by or on behalf of NSHRF, I declare and agree, on behalf of the institution, to the following:

  • I confirm the principal investigator meets or will meet the eligibility requirements for this competition;
  • I agree with the content of the application and committed resources will be provided;
  • I confirm the information provided in the application, including budgetary estimates, meets all institutional requirements and is consistent with all institutional policies;
  • I agree that the institution will administer the grant/award funding received according to NSHRF and institutional policies;
  • I agree that, if funded, the institution will submit a financial statement of this applicant’s grant/award funds to NSHRF annually and upon request;
  • I confirm the institution will provide grant/award holders with the necessary time to do their research;
  • I confirm the institution agrees to the public release of a summary of the grant or award and to publication of the organization's name as a supporter of the initiative;
  • I agree that the institution will take every reasonable action to acknowledge NSHRF funding in its communications related to funded applications;
  • I confirm that the institution has policies and procedures in place to ensure that the academic interests of students and post-doctoral fellows are managed in the best interest of the trainee;
  • I confirm that the institution has adequate safeguards in place to protect sensitive information entrusted to it by NSHRF for the purpose of administering applications and resulting grants and awards; and
  • I confirm that subject to its intellectual property policy, the institution will endeavor to obtain the greatest possible economic benefit to Nova Scotia, with a similar aim to improve the health of Nova Scotians, from any commercial activity resulting from the research funding.