Independent Review of the Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act

Consultations are closed. For information about the Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act, please see the Department of Health and Wellness' webpage:

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The Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act is the legislation that governs the provision of psychiatric treatment on an involuntary basis to those who are determined to be incapable due to mental illness to make decisions about admissions into hospital and treatment for themselves. The legislation has been in force since July 2007. The legislation requires that two reviews of the Act must take place in 2012-2013. The first review requires the Minister to look at community treatment orders under the Act. The second review requires the Minister to have an independent review of the entire Act done.

The Provincial Government appointed us, Gérard La Forest (chair), a retired member of the Supreme Court of Canada, and William Lahey, a professor at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, to conduct both of the reviews required by the legislation together.  
The review is now underway. The review is required to consider the following matters:
whether the objectives of the Act continue to be the right objectives or whether they should be revised, clarified or strengthened;
whether the Act is effectively meeting its current objectives and is otherwise functioning effectively and appropriately;
whether amendments should be made to the Act or to associated legislation or to the administration of the Act to improve its functioning relative to its proper objectives, patient well-being, applicable human rights principles and Nova Scotia’s mental health policy objectives.
Over the coming months, we will be reviewing all material available to us and listening to the ideas and experiences of stakeholders across Nova Scotia. The information we gather will help us make recommendations about the Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act and how it operates in the province. We will be providing our recommendations to the Provincial Government in early July 2013.
We will post information about the consultations on this web page as the details become available. Please check back for updates.  
We thank you for your interest in the independent review of the Act.

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