National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations

The National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations (NAPHRO) was created in 2003 to promote increased dialogue, linkages and partnership activities. NAPHRO’s primary role is to facilitate coordination, communication, strategic alignment and convergence, and quality leadership through inter-provincial and national efforts. NAPHRO recognizes that its members operate within different and changing political, operational, legal and financial contexts and have unique relationships with their provincial ministries and funders, their provincial research stakeholders, federal granting councils and government departments, and the charitable research funding sector. Alliance members meet (via teleconference and face-to-face meetings) on a regular basis to share information and identify potential opportunities for working collaboratively on common issues.
Examples of Common Interests
  • Increased knowledge of peer agency programs and activities
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration e.g. platform, technologies, clinical research support initiatives)
  • Evaluating the impact of health research
  • Strategies for working more effectively with national agencies in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs requiring matching or partnership funds
  • Implementing a nation-wide Common Curriculum Vitae (CCV) and a Canadian Health Research Directory
  • Health research leadership management development
Current Members of NAPHRO
Membership in NAPHRO is limited to the heads of provincial and provincially-mandated health research funding agencies. NAPHRO forum is led by two Co-Chairs appointed from within on rotational basis.

Revised: May 2015