Pan Canadian Health Human Resources Planning Toolkit

We received $250,000 in funding from Health Canada to develop a national web-based toolkit for Health Human Resources (HHR) planning and forecasting. The Toolkit consists of evidence based knowledge and addresses the national demand for HHR planning information and tools. Through the toolkit we hope to help establish a common understanding and consistent knowledge of HHR policies and programs will be established through the toolkit. The information will be constantly evolving as it is tested and best practices are shared.

HHR – allied health professionals – is an integral part of the health care industry. HHR planning allows for communities to identify and address services they will need. The toolkit will link HHR planners and decision makers across Canada, providing them with the opportunity to interact with fellow professionals.

The Toolkit is now live! Visit to learn more.

Note: This project has been made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada. The views expressed herein do not necessary represent the views of Health Canada.