Proposed Changes to CIHR's Open Suite of Programs and Peer Review

The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) has announced that it intends to implement changes to its Open Suite of Programs and the approach it takes to peer review. These are described in the Design Discussion Document: Proposed Changes to CIHR’s Open Suite of Programs and Enhancements to the Peer Review Process which was released on February 9, 2012. 

As part of its consultation process the CIHR’s Chief Scientific Officer/Vice-President of Research, Dr. Jane Aubin came to Nova Scotia on March 27, 2012 to participate in a series of discussions with stakeholders. In preparation for these discussions we prepared and disseminated a background document to participating stakeholders. Following the discussions with Dr. Aubin a summary document was prepared.

We encouraged all members of the Nova Scotia health research enterprise to review CIHR’s Design Discussion Document as well as the background and summary documents we prepared and shared your feedback with the CIHR. A copy of the letter NSHRF submitted to CIHR summarizing feedback from the Nova Scotia health research enterprise is avaliable here.

In April 2012 NSHRF convened a CIHR Reform Assessment of Impact Group, which includes representatives from across the province, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. This group will identify indicators, measures and available resources to monitor and evaluate the impact of the reforms on the Maritime health research enterprise. For more information on the group please contact: Dr. Nancy Carter, Director Evaluation Services. In December 2012 CIHR released the Designing for the Future: The New Open Suite of Programs and Peer Review Process.

In early August 2012 CIHR released What CIHR Heard: Analysis and Feedback on the Design Discussion Document. NSHRF reviewed the document and produced a brief summary which describes how the feedback of the Nova Scotia health research enterprise was reflected in the national summary.

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Proposed Changes to CIHR's Open Suite of Programs and Enhancement to the Peer Review Process: Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Humanities Community. Submitted by The Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Avaliable to download in PDF format in English and French.