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From September to December 2013, the NSHRF conducted a consultation with health research community on the future of the Establishment Grants. There was continued support for this funding opportunity and over the course of 2014-15 the NSHRF will consider the advice offered by the community related to this program.  


Given the changing research environment nationally and out available resources in early 2013, the NSHRF began formally considering how to best support and sustain the Nova Scotia health research enterprise. Specifically, we wish to consult the health research community on how best to use the resources currently devoted to the Research Program’s Establishment Grants. 

Given the current challenges within the national and provincial health research environments, the NSHRF felt it was important to engage with the health research enterprise broadly as we considered potential changes and impacts the changes might have across the health research enterprise in Nova Scotia.

The NSHRF hosted a consultation with the objective of gaining an understanding and receiving advice from individuals in all areas within the health research enterprise. Consultation sessions were held with researchers at all stages of their careers as well as with individuals in research institutions across the province. These consultations concluded in December 2013 with a total of 123 people attending one of the 14 sessions. Two online surveys were developed for those who could not attend a consultation session and those who had follow up thoughts to share following a consultation that they attended.  We received over 80 responses to the questions posed in the surveys. The data is being analyzed using a qualitative method and the findings will be used to support communication and decision making.

In preparation for the consult processes and to inform decision-making, the NSHRF produced the following documents:

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On May 16, 2012, the Government of Nova Scotia released the Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. The Strategy was developed in response to Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Advisory Committee’s report and recommendations

To learn more about the Strategy, please visit the Department of Health and Wellness website.

The Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF) is pleased that the Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Advisory Committee released its report and recommendations on April 23rd, 2012.
For more information please click here.