The NSHRF is proud to partner with leading organizations in Nova Scotia, Canada and around the world to advance health research and innovation. Our partners come from a variety of sectors including government, health authorities and industry in order to work towards common goals and to create new opportunities in health research. 

The following lists summarize the list of NSHRF-supported Initiatives by funding year. To request information on a certain project, please contact



Gathering Perspectives: A process for generating evidence for informed decision-making

Evidence informed decision-making is a key component of all aspects of the public domain; however, a practical method for generating evidence to inform decisions is not always readily available. In this paper, the NSHRF presents a four-stage approach to generating evidence, which involves: establishing a work plan and gathering background information; collecting data; synthesizing and summarizing data; and evaluation of the process and its implementation. The approach, which follows traditional social science research methods, has been used by the NSHRF to inform a variety of initiatives and decisions in Nova Scotia. It has proven to be practical and reliable in public sector decision-making. To read more about this approach, click here


Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) 

Patient-oriented research, the cornerstone of evidence-informed health care, refers to a continuum of research, from initial studies in humans to comparative effectiveness and outcomes research, and the integration of this research into the health care system and clinical practice.The goal of patient-oriented research is to better ensure the translation of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the point-of-care, as well as to help the provinces and territories meet the challenge of delivering high quality, cost-effective health care. It involves ensuring that the right patient receives the right clinical intervention at the right time, ultimately leading to better health outcomes. For more information on the national Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research, please visit the CIHR website
To learn more about SPOR, including details on the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit, click here

Independant Review of the Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act (IPTA)
The Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act (IPTA) is the legislation that governs the provision of psychiatric treatment on an involuntary basis to those who are determined to be incapable due to mental illness to make decisions about admissions into hospital and treatment for themselves. More details on this initiative, including the schedule of Public Meetings, can be found here.


Proposed Changes to CIHR's Open Suite of Programs and Peer Review 
The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) has announced that it intends to implement changes to its Open Suite of Programs and the approach it takes to peer review. Details on these ongoing changes can be found here


Mental Health and Addictions Strategy 
In March 2010, the Nova Scotia Government announced that it would be preparing a Mental Health and Addictions Strategy to revamp mental health and addiction services in the province. The NSHRF was asked to support the development of the Strategy by the Minister of Health and Wellness. The NSHRF also acted as secretariat to the Mental Health and Addictions Strategy Advisory Committee, which was appointed by the Minister. The Advisory Committee developed recommendations for the Strategy, which were presented to the Minister. More details on this strategy, including the role of the NSHRF, can be found here.

Pan Canadian Health Human Resources (HHR) Planning Toolkit
The NSHRF received $250,000 in funding from Health Canada to develop a national web-based toolkit for Health Human Resources (HHR) planning and forecasting.The HHR Toolkit consists of evidence based knowledge and addresses the national demand for HHR planning information and tools. More details of this initiative can be found here.


Health Research Priorities

In 2010, the NSHRF completed the process of updating its Health Research Priorities. The objective was to maximize the impact of the health research enterprise on informed decision making through the focused and efficient use of the NSHRF's resources. More details about the NSHRF's Health Research Priorities, including the four phases involved in the process, can be found here


The NSHRF is a member of the following National Initiatives: 

National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations (NAPHRO) 
This alliance of provincial health research funding agencies was created in 2003 to promote increased dialogue, linkages and partnership activities. Alliance members meet (via teleconference and face to face meetings) on a regular basis to share information and identify potential opportunities for working collaboratively on common issues. More details about this initiative can be found here

Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI) 
CASRAI is a fully independent, not-for-profit organization that develops, maintains, and promotes standards for research administration data. More details about this initiative can be found here


International Health Research 
Information on international health research-related topics has been posted, in response to requests from attendants at the International Health Research in Nova Scotia – Understanding and Seizing Opportunities. More information about international health research-related topics can be found here