University Contacts for Researchers

The following are websites or email addresses at each institution that can direct you to researchers.  Please identify that you are applying for the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation 15th Anniversary KARes Scholarship. If you have any difficulty finding a researcher, please email Linda Waterhouse

Acadia University

Peggy Crawford, Research & Innovation Coordinator
Tel: (902) 585-1762

Cape Breton University 

Sander Taylor, Research Officer
Tel: (902) 563-1338

Jodi McDavid, Major Research Projects Officer & Director, Cooperative Study Club 
Tel: (902) 563-1107

Tanya Barrett, Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Studies
Tel: (902) 563-1843

Dalhousie University


Saint Mary's University 


St. Francis Xavier University

Dr. Ann Bigelow, Department of Psychology

Dr. Amanda Casey, Department of Human Kinetics 

Dr. Doris Gillis, Department of Human Nutrition

Dr. Patti Hansen-Ketchum, School of Nursing

Dr. Petra Hauf, Department of Psychology

Dr. Jennifer Jamieson, Department of Human Nutrition

Dr. Daniel Kane, Department of Human Kinetics

Dr. Angie Kolen, Department of Human Kinetics

Dr. Donna MacDougall, School of Nursing

Dr. Elizabeth McGibbon, School of Nursing

Dr. L. Jane McMillan, Department of Anthropology

Dr. Charmaine MacPherson, School of Nursing

Dr. Laurie Wadsworth, Department of Human Nutrition