The Investigator Development Institute

What is the Investigator Development Institute?

The Institute is designed around the concept of individual, customized learning plans developed to adapt and evolve over a two year timeframe. Focused and strategic learning will meet the needs of the individual researcher to increase success at national funding competitions. The objective is to help improve the quality of applications, thus contributing to the development of Nova Scotian programs of research.

Participants will work with the NSHRF to develop a statement of intent and commit to a mutually agreed upon two year improvement plan.

Need an external review of an application before a competition?
We will arrange that for you.


Searching for new mentors?
We will support you to find a good fit.


Reviewers consistently giving you similar criticisms and feedback?
Let’s discuss and make a plan to address.

Have questions about developing meaningful partnerships?
Let’s explore through our combined networks.

Need help with your end–of-grant KT, integrated KT, or Evaluation Plan?
We will connect you with experts.

Want to experience the process of peer review first hand?
We will show you what it’s like.


Who Can Participate?

To be eligible to join the Institute participants should hold an academic appointment at a Nova Scotia university or affiliated research institution. The NSHRF considers academic appointments to be probationary tenure-track appointments, tenure-track appointments, tenured appointments, and limited-term appointments.

Academic appointments may also include clinical scientists, clinical faculty or other senior official approved (i.e., CEO or VP Research) appointments. Adjunct and instructor appointments are not typically considered academic appointments.

All participants must be eligible to apply for Tri-Council Agency funding.


We will meet and connect via email, phone, Skype, Facetime or in person - whatever works best. The program will vary depending on the needs of participants and requirements of the individual plan.


The program will begin in fall 2016 and participants will be supported by the NSHRF for a term of two years.

Are you Interested?

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