Pre-Submission Peer Review

Pre-Submission peer review is the review of an application before it is assessed by a funding peer review committee. The importance and effectiveness of the pre-submission peer review process is well recognized across Canada and internationally. This is not meant to replace institutional peer review but can enhance an application by providing additional critique and comments before it is submitted. Through our databases and network of provincial, national and international contacts, we want to help you take your application from good to great.

“I am thankful for everything the NSHRF did for me in terms of the international review of my Foundation Grant application. I do not believe I would have gotten the grant if it weren't for receiving the feedback I did. It was by far the best peer review I have ever received in my life.”

Robin Urquhart – Success Program Participant


Advantages of Pre-submission Peer Review

If you are planning to submit an application to a peer reviewed competition and would like the NSHRF to arrange a pre-submission review follow these steps:

Step 1)

Send the following information to the NSHRF Manager, Research Programs ( at least 6 weeks in advance of deadline:

  1. 6-10 key words related to your upcoming application. Key words will help the NSHRF begin the initial search for appropriate and available reviewers.  All potential reviewers can be viewed by the applicant before participation requests are sent.
  2. Date when the application will be completed and ready for review, this date must be at least 4 weeks before deadline.
  3. Competition requirements (PDF document or electronic link).

Step 2)

Compile application package to be reviewed and send to NSHRF, Manager Research Programs, ( at least 4 weeks in advance of deadline or before agreed upon date. If re-submission, include previous review feedback if available.

What to Expect?

When the initial application key words are received, the NSHRF staff will search our databases and networks to find an appropriate and available reviewer. Applicants can review the list of potential reviewers before requests are sent. The reviewer will be sent the complete application package for review along with a form to complete. This form will encourage feedback on strengths of the application, areas needing improvement and any other concerns or feedback. When feedback is received, it will be quickly sent to the applicant for review and consideration.  Reviewers will be financially compensated for their contribution. 

Program Evaluation Requirement

In order to evaluate the success of this initiative all participants will be asked to participate in follow up surveys and/or other activities to evaluate the program’s success. This information will be used to evaluate the success of this initiative and inform future program development. All information collected will remain confidential and not used for any other purpose.


Contact the Manager, Research Programs.