Decision Maker Connector

Many grants and awards require involvement from government or decision/policy makers. In the ever changing political landscape, this can be a challenge as people shift positions and new connections are required.

The initial consultations with decision makers (needed to inform relevant research questions), the ongoing linkages (needed to maintain decision makers’ interest and researchers’ relevance), and the post-project communication and exchange (needed to increase awareness of the research results among decision makers) can be difficult processes to begin. NSHRF has expertise in this area and will provide support to the research community in establishing and maintaining connections with decision/policy makers.

Contact us if you would like to discuss making the right connections and investigate ways to engage a potential new partner.

Connecting and Working with Decision Maker Resources

See a list of resources below on topics related to researcher and decision maker/policy maker relationships. If you would like to send additional resources for us to consider sharing with the research community, click here.

A Guide to Researcher and Knowledge-User Collaboration in Health Research

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Bridging the Communications Gap between Researchers and Policy-Makers

Canadian Population Health Initiative

Bridging the Gap: The Use of Research Evidence in Policy Development

Alberta Health Foundation for Medical Research

Issues in Linkage and Exchange between Researchers and Decision Makers

Canadian Foundation for Health Innovation



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