REAL Knowledge Services

REAL Knowledge Services exists to provide clients with timely access to reliable, high-quality information on a cost-recovery basis. REAL Knowledge staff create deliverables for clients such as briefing notes, reports, presentations or infographics that intend to synthesize information in the most appropriate form for a lay or non-expert audience. Deliverables are based on evidence gathered from literature, surveys, key informant interviews and focus groups. The REAL Knowledge Program uses rigorous methodological approaches to ensure the evidence provided is of excellent quality and meets each client’s specific knowledge requirements.

Our REAL Knowledge team is made up of Master and PhD trained staff who have extensive experience performing precision searches for peer-reviewed and grey literature, analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, synthesizing content into a brief format accessible to a non-technical audience, and considering issues of knowledge translation across the spectrum of stakeholders including researchers, decision-makers, funders, patients, and community-members. Examples of services provided by the REAL Knowledge team include:

  • Literature searching;
  • Knowledge Synthesis;
  • Jurisdictional Reviews & Environmental Scans;
  • Survey Development, Implementation & Analysis; and
  • Conducting Key Informant Interviews and Focus Groups.