Knowing About Research (KARes) Program Guidelines


Nova Scotia has a vibrant and strong health research community. The work being conducted by the province’s health researchers is advancing knowledge in many different fields provincially, nationally and internationally. We designed the Knowing About Research Program (KARes) to connect health researchers and research trainees with their local politicians. The program’s main objective is to assist politicians in understanding the importance of the work being undertaken by Nova Scotia’s health research community.

KARes provides tools and information for the Nova Scotia health research community's use to engage local politicians to build awareness and understanding of the value of supporting health research in Nova Scotia. Contact information for provincial, federal and senate representatives can be found here.

The goals for the KARes Program are:

• Encourage the Nova Scotia health research community to establish relationships and ongoing communication with their local politicians;
• Provide opportunities for local politicians to learn about research happening in Nova Scotia; 
• Provide an opportunity for local politicians to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the Nova Scotia health research community through first-hand knowledge; and
• Raise public awareness of health research and support for health research related activities.

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You can find tips around media, plain language, communications activities and who to contact for further information on the Communications Tips, Questions and Contacts page.