Results and Reports

We are a results oriented organization, planning for what we want to accomplish and reporting on the results that have been achieved.


Funded Applicants

Our funded applicants are working across Nova Scotia in various health disciplines and are making strides in the development of treatments, technology and in the delivery of health care. View our list of past and current Funded Applicants here.

Research Results

Nova Scotia’s health research community continues to yield excellent research in the advancement of knowledge. View the results from some of the research that the NSHRF has funded here.

Organizational Results and Impact

The NSHRF is committed to supporting excellence in health research by assisting and funding individuals and organizations in Nova Scotia’s health research community.

This section highlights the NSHRF’s impact on the health of Nova Scotians through supporting health research. Our strategic goals and expected results are summarized in our Logic Model (PDF Attachment). To read more, click here.

Research Enterprise Results

To learn more about the economic and societal impacts of health research on Nova Scotia, click here.

The Establishment Grant Consultations 2013

From September 2013 to December 2013, the NSHRF conducted a consultation with health research community on the future of the Research Programs' Establishment Grant envelop of funding. There was continued support for this funding opportunity and over the course of 2014-15 funding year the NSHRF will consider the advice offered by the community related to this program. To read more, click here


Annual Reports

The NSHRF Annual Report profiles some of our successfully funded applicants and their projects, highlights the accomplishments of the NSHRF and provides financial information. View our current and past Annual Reports here.

Researcher Profiles

Learn more about the work of the NSHRF’s successfully funded applicants here

State of the Health Research Enterprise

In December 2012, the NSHRF hosted an invitation-only State of the Health Research Enterprise Summit, bringing together senior leaders in government, academia, District Health Authorities and the health research community in order to generate an understanding of the State of the Research Enterprise in Canada with a particular focus on the Nova Scotia Health Research Enterprise. 

Understanding the Nova Scotia Health Research Enterprise: Review and Data Analysis (PDF Attachment)
This report explores the current state of health research in the province and the issues facing the health research enterprise in Nova Scotia.

Mapping Nova Scotia's Health Research Landscape: An Exploration of Provincial Support for Students and Researchers (PDF Attachment) 
This report presents the findings of key informant interviews and website searches conducted to develop a comprehensive understanding of the types of financial and non-financial supports that exist for students and researchers within the province.

The Current State of the Canadian Research Enterprise: Review and Data Analysis (PDF Attachment)
This report provides a comprehensive overview of the national research enterprise and particularly health research across Canada. 

Mapping Support in a Changing Health Research Landscape: An Exploration of Supports Provided by the National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations (NAPHRO) (PDF Attachment)
This report explores how members of NAPHRO support students and researchers in their respective jurisdictions. Elements of organizational approaches to decision-making in the context of a changing landscape are also examined. Lastly, the report covers the various changes impacting member jurisdictions and reveals the strategies that organizations are employing as they react to change.

Gathering Perspectives: A process for generating evidence for informed public sector decision-making 

Evidence informed decision-making is a key component of all aspects of the public domain; however, a practical method for generating evidence to inform decisions is not always readily available. The NSHRF presents a four-stage approach to generating evidence, which involves: establishing a work plan and gathering background information; collecting data; synthesizing and summarizing data; and evaluation of the process and its implementation. The approach, which follows traditional social science research methods, has been used by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation to inform a variety of initiatives and decisions in Nova Scotia. It has proven to be practical and reliable in public sector decision-making. To read more about this approach, click here

Research Impact Evaluation Forum Report

The Research Impact Evaluation Forum held on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at Dalhousie University was an opportunity for researchers, evaluators and decision makers to come together to learn and discuss approaches used to measure returns on investment in health research. 

Evaluation helps to tell the research impact story to funders, decision makers and the public. Participants agreed that there is a need to do impact evaluation, however, the knowledge, skills and abilities to do impact evaluation is limited among researchers. There is an opportunity for evaluators to collaborate with research teams to build impact evaluation into their projects. Read Report...