Organizational Results and Impact

We are committed to supporting excellence in health research by assisting and funding individuals and organizations conducting health research in the province. This section highlights the impact that we are having on helping improve the health of Nova Scotians through supporting health research.

Our strategic goals and expected results are summarized in our Logic Model (PDF Attachment).

Support for Vibrant Well-Balanced Competitive Research Community – Capacity Building

Supporting researchers in their development, learning of new research skills, support for applying for national and international funding and support for health researchers and students to conduct research in universities, hospitals and other health care facilities.

  • Student Research Awards
  • Capacity Program

Support for Excellent Research – Advancing Knowledge

To support our goal of improve Nova Scotians health, it is useful to determine how Nova Scotia compares to Canada, to other Canadian provinces, and to other countries with indicators to identify the areas of health research in which Nova Scotia excels.

  • Health Research Projects
  • Matching Programs
  • Publications by NS Researchers (quality, frequency, specialization, collaboration & other indicators)

Providing a Foundation for Use of Health Research as a Foundation for Informed Decision Making

The following two charts provide an example of some of the health research activities happening in the province to improve Policy, Services, Outcomes including Biomedical Research and improved Clinical Practice/Guidelines. (These lists are not comprehensive and will be updated periodically.)
Health Policy, Services and Outcomes (PDF Attachment)
Biomedical (PDF Attachment)

Increasing Awareness of the Impact of Health Research

Measuring Nova Scotia’s Results in Health Research. This report supports us in one of our three key strategic directions: demonstrating and communicating the impacts of health research. The report presents the findings of an analysis of health research spending over the eight fiscal years from 2001-02 to 2008-09 using a variety of published data sources and related indicators of health research funding success. The current report updates the 2007 report.

Omnibus Surveys are used to measure the public awareness and support for health research:
Report of Results 2009 (PDF Attachment)
Report of Results 2014 (PDF Attachment)