State of the Health Research Enterprise

In December 2012, the NSHRF hosted a health symposium, bringing together senior leaders in government, academia, and the health research community in order to generate an understanding of the state of the health research enterprise in Canada with a particular focus on the Nova Scotia Health Research Enterprise. Following the summit, the NSHRF uploaded documents describing the challenges facing the health research enterprise. 
This report explores the current state of health research in the province and the issues facing the health research enterprise in Nova Scotia.
Mapping Nova Scotia's Health Research Landscape: An Exploration of Provincial Support for Students and Researchers (PDF Attachment) 
This report presents the findings of key informant interviews and website searches conducted to develop a comprehensive understanding of the types of financial and non-financial supports that exists for students and researchers within the province.
This report provides a comprehensive overview of the national research enterprise and particularly health research across Canada. 
This report explores how members of NAPHRO support students and researchers in their respective jurisdictions. Elements of organizational approaches to decision-making in the context of a changing landscape are also examined. Lastly, the report covers the various changes impacting member jurisdictions and reveals the strategies that organizations are employing as they react to change.
This report presents the results of a study commissioned by the National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations (NAPHRO). The goals of the study were to provide NAPHRO members with a set of common indicators and metrics, a standard data repository and an agreed upon methodology and approach for measuring, reporting and communicating results to key stakeholders. The study also aimed at providing NAPHRO with quantitative evidence to demonstrate returns on investment from health research and development (R&D) at the provincial level, with a particular focus on research and technological productivity.