Standing Together Domestic Violence Shift Grant

An information session about the Standing Together Prevention and Shift Grants was held on January 9, 2019. To view the presentation and Q&A's from the session view the links below:
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Domestic violence affects many Nova Scotians and can happen in any relationship. Over the next few years, the Government of Nova Scotia will work with community organizations and groups to prevent domestic violence and better support victims through the development of a provincial plan, called Standing Together

This coordinated initiative will focus on three pillars:

  • Prevent domestic violence by disrupting cycles of violence and ensuring that Nova Scotians are better prepared to develop healthy, violence-free relationships. 
  • Support victims of domestic violence with an improved network and continuum of programs that help them rebuild their lives and prevent violence in the future.
  • Shift policies and interventions so support systems better respond to people’s needs, understand and promote gender equality, and address barriers facing the most vulnerable Nova Scotians.

The first two years will be focused on learning and innovation. We’re starting this work by inviting community groups, organizations, and individuals to share their ideas that will change outcomes for women, girls, families, and communities. This call for proposals welcomes your creativity to raise awareness, build capacity, and foster community engagement to prevent domestic violence. 

With a long-term goal of reducing domestic violence in Nova Scotia, we must find ways to stop violence from happening in the first place – which is also known as primary prevention. This involves changing social norms that contribute to domestic violence, promoting healthy relationships, and building stronger community-level supports and interventions. 

The Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation is hosting this call for proposals on behalf of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

Shift Grant Objective
The objective of the Shift Grant is to test new, innovative ideas to prevent violence and support victims. Funded projects will aim to identify promising practices, build collaboration, and strengthen capacity for implementation. We are seeking proposals that reflect new ways of approaching the issue, engage partners in addressing systemic barriers for vulnerable populations, and transform the environment that contributes to domestic violence. These grants will focus on creating, exploring, and testing new ideas, models, and pilots, and are not intended to support existing programs or direct service delivery. If these ideas show promise to benefit Nova Scotians, they may become part of the plan. 


Priority Funding Areas
We welcome all types of innovative ideas for changing the conversation about domestic violence with a focus on prevention. Projects that support women from vulnerable groups, and specifically Standing Together’s priority areas listed below, are encouraged:

  • Indigenous women and girls
  • Children and youth
  • Men and boys

Interested in working with us? Follow the process below to apply.  


Application Process

Review Process

Assessment Criteria

Application Support

Technical Grants Management System (GMS) Support


To apply for a Shift Grant, the Primary Applicant must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Registered not for profit organization (Registered and in good standing with NS Registry of Joint Stocks)
  • Registered charity that operates in Nova Scotia
  • Educational institution or organization (schools, universities, colleges, regional centres for education)
  • Health authority or centre
  • Mi’kmaw Band Council
Please note: Individuals, businesses and government departments/agencies are not eligible for this grant.  This grant is not intended to support research and any project requiring ethics approval is not eligible. 
Funding Amount 
Up to $75,000 is available per grant.
Grant is non-renewable.
Funding Duration 
Grants may be up to 24 months in duration.
All grant activities must be completed before March 31, 2021. 
Multiple Submissions
Applicants may submit only one Shift Grant application for consideration.  
Dates and Deadlines 
Application Deadline: January 31, 2019 at 2:00pm AT 
Application Review: February 2019 
Results Available:  March 2019
Funds Available Beginning: April 1, 2019
All grant activities must be complete by: March 31, 2021

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Application Process

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility  
Consider whether you meet the eligibility criteria (outlined above).
If applicants have any questions about their eligibility, they are encouraged to contact Leslie Power at  before submitting an application. Leslie Power
Step 2: Review Application Guidlines
Be sure to carefully review all application guidelines, as outlined in the document below:
Step 3: Review Eligible Costs
Please carefully review all eligible costs, as outlined in the document below:
Step 4: Create a GMS Account
Applications must be submitted through an online Grants Management System (GMS).
Please visit and click "sign up here" to create an account.
Step 5:
Begin Application in the GMS
To begin application, login to your GMS account and select “Apply for Grant”. 
  • Information for this grant (outlined in the application guidelines) is entered either directly in the GMS or information is requested in a document that will be uploaded in the GMS. 
  • Application text and documents inputted in the GMS can be edited until submitted or until the grant deadline. 
Step 6:
Submit Application
When all information is complete submit your application by clicking on the “Submit Application” tab in the GMS and follow the directions.
All applications must be submitted before the deadline and time noted above.
No applications or application documents/edits will be accepted after this time.

Review Process

1.  Staff will assess applications to determine whether they are complete and meet the eligibility criteria. 
2.  A panel will review applications in accordance with the assessment criteria noted below. 

Please note: All decisions made by the review panel are final and can not be appealed.
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Assesment Criteria 

The following criteria will be used by the review committee to assess Shift Grant applications:

Project Summary 

  • Appropriateness of project partners and clarity of description how project will engage partners in the work to prevent and address domestic violence
  • Feasibility of the proposed work

Project Impact 

  •  Clear link to project impact with established priority areas
  •  Appropriate partnerships have been engaged in the community or province

Project Activities

  • The timeline is reasonable 
  • The proposed activities are feasible
  • Scope of project is appropriate comparable to budget request
  • Project can be completed before March 31, 2021


  • Appropriateness of the budget (see eligible costs above) 
  • A viable plan to sustain the project being funded past the available funding period (where applicable)

Additional Documents

  • Appropriate Letters of Support provided by project partners 

Application Support

For all questions please contact Nicole Atkins prior to submitting an application:
Leslie Power 

Technical Grants Managment System (GMS) Support

Please click here to download and view a Grants Management System (GMS) User Guide for applicants outlining how to navigate the online system. 
For any technical questions regarding the GMS, contact the GMS Help Desk at 902-424-4043 or
Please allow 1-2 business days for a response. Ensure any technical issues are communicated with the GMS help desk before the grant deadline. 
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