The Success Program

The Success Program has been developed to help Nova Scotian investigators succeed at peer reviewed funding competitions and, ultimately, to build a successful program of research. Researchers will develop skills, make connections and receive support through the following initiatives, each requiring various levels of commitment and time:

  1. Investigator Development Institute

The Institute is designed around the concept of individual, customized learning plans developed to adapt and evolve over a two year timeframe. Focused and strategic learning will meet the needs of the individual researcher to increase success at national funding competitions. Want to learn more about the Institute? Click Here.

  1. Pre-Submission Peer Review

Pre-Submission Peer Review is the review of a funding application before it is appraised by a review committee. Interested in having an application reviewed? Click Here.

  1. Research Connector

The Research Connector Program connects investigators with mentors, team members, project partners, and decision/policy makers. Want to know more? Click Here.

  1. Peer Review Observer

Peer Review Observer invites participants to watch in person how a peer review committee assesses applications. Would you like to learn more? Click Here.

The Success Program. Why Now?

It is a challenging time in health research. There are a large number of issues and funding is becoming increasingly competitive. At a recent Share and Learn event hosted by the NSHRF, three key themes emerged from discussions with the Nova Scotian research community:

  1. CIHR reforms are negatively impacting research activity and the careers of researchers and research staff.
  2. Nova Scotia researchers need support and guidance to increase funding success in the new funding environment.
  3. All stakeholders in the Nova Scotia health community (including institutions, funders, researchers, administrators, and research staff) must work collaboratively to support research activity.

The Success Program has been developed to support Nova Scotia investigators in adapting and thriving in this new funding environment.


Manager, Research Programs